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Become an eco-friendly team by gathering and disposing IT equipment better

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How eco-friendly is your workplace? If your answer sits somewhere on the scale of “I’m not sure!” to “not at all”, it’s time you put systems in place to create sustainable change. The corporate world’s poor e-waste disposal habits have a real impact on the environment, and it’s vital that you and your wider team take steps towards being an eco-friendly workplace.

Not only will you be playing your part in protecting the planet, but you’ll also be creating a more proactive and positive company culture. A company that cares about implementing eco-friendly solutions through things like corporate e-waste solutions actually does wonders for the morale of its workforce.

What’s the issue?

As new research and sustainable innovations emerge, we learn more about the impact waste from the corporate world can have on the environment. Some people estimate that the world produces 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste annually. It’s worth noting that this isn’t exclusively laptops and desktops, but they do make up a considerable portion of this total.

Corporate environments churn through technology at a far higher rate than individuals, and this excess waste brings with it an even greater sense of environmental responsibility. Where corporate teams fall down is the way they dispose of this e-waste - have you ever been guilty of sending an old, broken-down laptop or burnt-out charger straight to the dump?

Often, this comes down to stakeholders and internal teams simply having no real clue on how to be sustainable in this situation or that there are business e-waste recycling solutions available to them. The flow-on effect of this ignorance for sustainably-minded employees is often one of guilt. With every brand-new laptop, they know they’re probably playing a part in more ineffective old IT equipment disposal.

By being progressive in your practices and transparent with your team about your use of commercial recycling services, like the work we do at Computer Recycling, you can do wonders for their desire to be environmentally sustainable in all aspects of their life. After all, a happy team tends to be a productive team.

Importance of improvement

It’simportant to note that you shouldn’t feel guilty for your lack of know-how on business recycling solutions. In fact, if you’ve read to this point you’re taking great steps towards engaging with best practices for corporate responsibility in the technology space.

Corporate e-waste solutions look much like personal e-waste solutions, but professional providers can help deliver this for multiple devices in a simple and streamlined way. There are a number of ways you can be a more environmentally conscious corporate consumer.

  1. Shop sustainably:     Invest in devices and electrical tools that have a proven track record for     longevity. This will help lessen your impact, as you’re not churning     through technology at an unsustainable or environmentally irresponsible     level.
  2. Upcycle older resources: What     can you use again, or redistribute to your workforce? What’s reached the     end of its life for your team, but may benefit your wider community?
  3. Opt into existing recycling solutions: There’s no need to reinvent the wheel     when it comes to old IT equipment disposal. The team at Computer Recycling     have helped many businesses safely get rid of equipment that’s reached the     end of its life span.

Corporateresponsibility for e-waste recycling doesn’t need to be complicated. There arelots of solutions available to you, and commercial providers are experts inkeeping your data and the environment safe when disposing of your usedproducts.

Creating a happier and more eco-friendly team

Theimportance of work-life balance increases every year, as does the growingnumber of individuals who are invested in being environmentally conscious. Thecombination of these two things means that many in the workforce are looking towork for companies with ethical and responsible corporate habits.

If you wanta happy workforce, being transparent about habits such as how you dispose ofold IT equipment can do wonders for the trust your team has in you.

The solution

There areplenty of reasons you may feel it’s time to explore business e-waste recyclingsolutions. Technology often needs to be updated for security, you may havefound systems that better suit your team, or perhaps you’ve just outgrown thecurrent technology solutions that you use.

The main solution we offer to teams looking to be more eco-friendly is our e-waste boxes. This is an excellent option if you’re a small business looking to get rid of older technology as your business grows. Simply place your devices into the box we’ll send you, mail it to us with your pre-paid delivery label, and we’ll look after the finer details on our end. You and your team can sit back knowing your technology is going to be recycled in an environmentally-conscious way.

What if you’re looking for a larger scale solution, like if you were a medium or big business that’s decided it’s time to update a significant portion of the company's tech? E-Wastebin hire in Auckland is the right solution for your needs. It’s a simple process to set up, whether you’re looking for an ongoing solution or a short-term fix. Simply select your bin size and how often you'd like one, fill up the bin (or bins!), and let us know when you’re ready for us to collect it.

Alternatively, you can simply give us a call, or fill in the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a one-off pick up.

We’ll even let you know the amount of e-waste you and your eco-friendly team have saved from entering an NZ landfill, issuing you a certificate that can hang loud and proud in the lunchroom.


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