E-waste recycling

Municipal E-waste Recycling

Municipal E-waste recycling

We provide a comprehensive e-waste recycling service, seamlessly integrating with municipal waste management systems to divert electronics from landfills. Our innovative approach ensures environmentally responsible disposal and recovery of valuable materials. Partnering with Echo allows organisations and communities an opportunity to reach sustainability & circularity goals through responsible disposal of electronic waste.

Our Municipal E-waste Recycling Services

End-to-End Solutions
We provide a range of convenient on-site solutions to streamline the collection and processing of municipal e-waste. This includes establishing convenient collection or drop-off points, transport & logistics, localised hiring of e-waste bins or nationwide distpatch of mail-back boxes. By collaborating with a specialised e-waste recycling company, municipalities can ensure that collected e-waste is handled and processed in an environmentally friendly manner, recovering valuable materials and preventing toxic substances from contaminating the local environment.
Ethical Downstream Solutions
We operate using world-leading processes, which include the utilisation of state-of-the-art machinery, allowing us to process e-waste at unmatched levels in New Zealand. Our first step in the recovery process it to identify all items which can be refurbished, repaired and given a second life. If items are deemed end-of-life, they are processed, and all material is exported under EPA permits to downstream suppliers for further processing.

Frequently asked questions

What types of electronic waste can I recycle with Echo?
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We accept a wide range of electronic waste, including but not limited to computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, whiteware and televisions. Our goal is to make recycling your outdated or unused electronics as convenient and comprehensive as possible. For a detailed list of accepted items, please visit our Items We Accept page.
Is there a cost associated with recycling my e-waste?
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Yes. there is a cost involved in our e-waste recycling services, depending on the volume and type of items you need to recycle. Our friendly Customer Experience team is able to provide more detailed information on pricing - get in in touch via info@echotech.co.nz
Can I dispose of my e-waste in curbside rubbish?
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Most local councils in New Zealand will not allow you to dispose of e-waste in your curbside rubbish bin. It is recommended you include all domestic e-waste in your inorganic collection, donate it to a community op shop, or recycle it via an e-waste recycler such as Echo. Sending old or unwated technology to landfill has a negative impact on the surrounding environment, and means recoverable materials within those devices cannot be recovered.
What is your approach to electronic recycling & re-use solutions?
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At Echo we use a technical approach, first identifying as much equipment as possible for re-use. These items are data sanitised, tested and refurbished before being circulated back within the community. Equipment that cannot be reused is prepared, dismantled and processed for recycling using state-of-the-art technology at our sites in Wellington and Auckland.
How do you ensure data security during the recycling process?
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Data security is our top priority. We follow strict data destruction protocols to erase all personal information from devices before they are refurbished or recycled. Our processes are compliant with the highest levels of international data erasure, ensuring your information is securely handled and completely destroyed. If the item you are dropping off contains a detachable memory card, USB stick etc, please remove this from your device and hand that to one of our team directly. This has its own method of disposal which will ensure your data, photos etc are safely destroyed.

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